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Welcome to the website of the HRP Heinze Consultants

HRP Heinze Consultants trains and accompanies organizations, specifically in the area of Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS), Loss Control Management (LCM), “Healthy Organizations” and “Slow Movement”.

In both “in-house” and open seminars we teach managers and employees about the insights and the know-how necessary for producing change in thought and behaviour patterns, and thereby also a change in the corporate culture.

It is our goal to better protect and maintain human work capacity as the most important resource of an organization.

HRP Heinze Consultants

Organization of change processes in the areas of

  • Behaviour Based Safety (BBS)
  • Resource Management (LCM)
  • “Healthy Organizations” and “Slow Movement”
  • Impartation of know-how for managers and employees
  • Lasting change of corporate culture and behavior
    through the HRP Heinze process

Our goal:

  • Protect and maintain human work capacity

Behaviour Based Safety

BBS allows all organizations to establish a work and management culture which firmly fixes the value of safety and physical integrity both in the minds and in the hearts of all workers and employees.

Loss Control Management

Loss Control Management is a proven management program which uses appropriate questioning methods and systematic detection of sources of losses in order to identify and minimize operational risk factors.

Health Protection

A systematically structured corporate health management is not only the duty (of care) of each entrepreneur. It also naturally enhances the productivity of the staff at work.

Culture Change

All HRP Heinze seminars and concepts aim at producing a lasting transformation in the corporate and management culture of our clients (Culture Change).  This is an important contribution to integrating the newly acquired behaviour patterns as a new way of thinking in the corporate culture.

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